Glimpse of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

The water was marvelous and the weather was perfect in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. This video is shows a bit of what the town proper looks like, the beautiful hills where you can see the islands from afar, and the pristine water of El Nido.

We stayed at the Sommer (yes it is spelled like that) Eco Cottage in the neighborhood of Corong Corong which was less than 20 minute van ride from the town proper. It is by the main road and about a minute trek up the hills. This town barely got electricity in October of 2016 and there are  many places where you will get no service/ reception which for some is positive thing so you can enjoy nature more than your phone.

The town proper has many restaurant options. We actually ate dinner by the beach under  the stars one evening and it was super pleasant walking from the entrance to the actual restaurant. There is a pizza eatery with an actual stone oven and the food was deelish.

We only stayed in El Nido for two days and two nights in which we used one full day doing TOUR C-which by far was a great choice from what I heard from the other tourists. It covered the following spots:

  1. Helicopter Island
  2. Secret Beach
  3. Matinloc Shrine
  4. Star Beach
  5. Hidden Beach

I will upload another video covering the awesome tour soon.

But for now, click the link/photo below to watch the glimpse of paradise.


Processed with MOLDIV

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