New Year Travel

Tired of the same old parties that you feel like you have to attend to celebrate the new year? Tired of dressing up every year just to go clubbing or bar hopping for the New Year’s Eve celebration? Why not use your holiday time off to travel?

My boyfriend and I have a tradition on New Years. We told ourselves every first day of the year, we will be somewhere we haven’t been before. Since we only have a couple of days off, we decided to go somewhere out of town for a quick road trip because we want to start the new year right by traveling. Of course, we took our little Maltese, Mr. Bubba, our adventure dog and packed our bags to drive up the coast.

Last year, we were at the Grand Canyon and this year, we drove up the coast on the 101 and PCH from Los Angeles. We stayed over night at this beautiful and peaceful town in Little River, ate breakfast in Mendocino, Ca, and then we were on our way to Oregon. We stopped by a few small towns and also stopped at the Trees of Mystery. Bubba and I rode a gandola for the first time, went 750 ft up on an observatory and saw an amazing and breathtaking view of the green mountains.img_3756

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