They say that the longest relationships one person will have is with their siblings. As we get older, we are more in tuned with what is happening in the world and what kind of  relationships we have with one another. So far, no one has probably annoyed us, made us feel super happy, and then ate so much of the other person’s food without asking than our very own siblings. We haven’t said “Leave me alone,” “stop wearing my clothes,” or “I’m telling Mom” so many times other than with an encounter with your siblings.

Whatever your age now, we continue to experience watching our siblings get older, mature a little more, and become closer to one another. You try to forget the past and whatever shortcomings you have with one another because surely, it was not worth remembering five or ten years down the road. You have not forgiven much more of any person in the world than forgiving your brother and sister. They know your past and you know there’s. You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and have more hope for them for their well being as much as your parents do for their future. They teach you lessons of patience, forgiveness, and nurture. Although you may not see each other now eye to eye, you will experience more understanding and patience when the wrinkles around your eyes will come to be.

Whatever the circumstances are, be there for one another because not only your parents expect it of you, but your siblings will be the first to be there for you when in need. They are family and that connection is a stronger bond. Be thankful that you are blessed with siblings for they are one of the most important teachers of your life.


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