Personalize Your Holiday Gifts

Custom Stickers

Create your own personalized stickers by purchasing regular mailing label stickers and adding your message with the person’s name. It adds a little more personal touch from the giver and the recipient will put a smile on their face knowing that the giver took the time to not only wrap the gift, but also created something special.

  1. Buy mailing labels such as the Avery 8163 stickers.
  2. Follow the instructions to create your labels using their online tool service
    • In this case, I went to and looked up the product number in the search engine.
    • Clicked the correct product with 10 labels per sheet.
    • Clicked design and print which will give you hundreds of templates that are ready to use
    • You can choose a blank template and start from scratch which I did.
  3.  Once you created your design for the entire sheet, you have the option to only select one label at a time to change the names.
  4. You also can choose a different icon on the labels as well.
    • You can choose thousands of icons by using and search for any particular icons. I chose a Santa, reindeer, and a snowman icon.

Now that you have created a template for your labels, you can place the sticker possibly on the corners or the middle of the wrapped box or even place it on the edge of a gift bag.

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