7 Days in Cambodia

From Los Angeles to Cambodia

There are so many exciting places that are jaw dropping in this beautiful and humble country. In just 7 days, we absolutely had time to really enjoy the warm weather by the beach, meet locals that are welcoming and kind, see temples that have been around thousands of years, and also see free roaming elephants that live in a protected sanctuary.

“Time is money friends!” The time difference from Los Angeles to Asia is quite lengthy so first, consider booking a flight that may beneficial to fly overnight. After we got off of work on a Friday afternoon, my boyfriend and I already had our bags ready, dropped off our dog to my sister’s house the night before, and all we needed was to change into our comfy plane clothes, and headed to LAX at 7 pm with his best friend. Although we were stuck in rush hour traffic, we were there two hours before our flight boarded- perfect timing!

15 hours later, TOUCH DOWN! Our driver Khen (like CAN of soda) picked us up in Phnom Penh, and that’s when we hit the road. In the hustle and bustle of the busy city, we were definitely not at home. First stop–WATER! In every trip you make whether it be outside of the country or out side the state or hometown, you must be equipped with necessities.

Day 1- Phnom Penh to  Mondulkiri Province (5-6 hour drive)

  • Arrived at Mondulkiri around 7 p.m. and ate dinner.
  • Slept early because our day will start at 6 a.m.
  • Slept in the huts that cost about $7-$15 a night- it was a cray experience hearing the sound of the jungle at night- UNFORGETTABLE

Day 2- Mondulikiri Province

  • Full day at Mondulkiri Elephant Sanctuary Trek- fed the elephants, bathe with them, and had a wonderful time exploring the jungle with the free roaming beauties.
  • The sanctuary served homemade fresh veggies lunch! YUM

Day 3- Mondulkiri to Siem Reap (8-9 hours drive)

  • On route at 3 a.m. Stopped over Kampong to eat breakfast.
  • Arrived at Siem Reap- checked in the hotel, had lunch, a massage, and relaxed at the pool.
  • Checked out Pub Street, the street food, and the hundreds of tourists partying at the local clubs.

Day 4- Siem Reap

  • Woke at 5 am to get our temple passes. They took our picture and pretty much used it as a badge to get in the temples.
  • We went to Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple (high stair cases), Ta Phrom (trees), Angkor Thom (faces).
  • We had a cultural dinner and show at our hotel in the evening.

Day 5- Siem Reap to Sihanoukville (7-8 hours drive)

  • On route to Sihanoukville at 3am. Stopped by on the sides of the roads to see mini temples and also bought souvenirs from the local artists.
  • Checked in our hotel by the beach and had lunch.
  • Relaxed at the beach and went to town to check out the nightlife.

Day 6- Koh Rong Island

  • Took an early ferry to Koh Rong island.
  • Went snorkeling- I suggest you bring your own gear because they have limited amounts and sizes available.
  • Relaxed by the beach and snorkeled for hours.

Day 7- Sihanouville to Phnom Penh

  • One route back to Phnom Penh at 3am.
  • Ate breakfast and went shopping in the city for more souvenirs.
  • Boarded the plane in late afternoon.
  • Back to Los Angeles!

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